Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Why Personal Training?

Because if you are serious about your health and fitness, then you need to know that your training time isn't being wasted!

* Are you doing the right training to achieve your goals?
* Are you doing the exercises correctly?
* Are you sufficiently motivated?
* Posture 
- are you putting undue strain on your body?

My Rehab Trainer qualifications means I can help you back after injury as well as help you overcome a long term niggle that is llimiting your training. 

With personal training, I can help you with all the above and more.  There is no predefined routine, I will constantly adapt your training to ensure that your goals are achieved as quickly and effectively as possible.  So if those goals change along the way, no problem. 

I will expect you to work to your capabilities when you are with me.  I will expect you to eat healthily and think about what goes into your body but do not advocate the use of 'diets'.  YOU can EXPECT results!

Free Weights
TRX Suspension System
Medicine Balls
Speed resistance cable
Resistance bands
Speed ladders
15m battling rope
Power bands