Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Our lifestyles have changed but our bodies still move the same way they did centuries ago - the more technology has done, the less we've done. In terms of use it or lose it, we've lost it!  Historically we were hunter gatherers, survival-orientated for functional movement - we ran, climbed, carried, pushed, threw, pulled, and swung.  It is only now that we are required to sit and we use very little, if any functional movement.  

To me, Functional fitness means having a fit, healthy body able to cope with the situations you may encounter in everyday life as well as a few you may not meet everyday

Forget the gimmicks, there's no pill that will make you fit, no ab trainer that will give you a six pack, it's just you, basic equipment and functional training methods that will get your body moving as a unit to achieve a healthy and fit body that you can count on.


About Me
I am passionionate about fitness, always have been!  From training myself to researching information on the latest thoughts and findings.  I always strive to push myself and look for people to do the same.  Nothing comes without hard work and committment.  Whatever I ask someone to do, I have already done it myself - using myself as a guinea pig so that I know exectly how things feel. 


Personal Trainer Diploma
Ironmac Fitness Core Workshop (November 2015)
Strength Matters Summit (November 2015)
Sports Nutrition Live - May 2015
Watt Bike course - April 2015
Steve Maxwell mobility conditioning seminar - July 2014
Rehab Trainer Quallification - June 2014
Sports Nutrition Live - May 2013
UKSCA Level 1 Foundation Workshop
UKSCA Weight-lifting for Sports Performance
Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning Seminar
Steve Maxwell Mobility and Bodyweight Conditioning Seminar
Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
Thump Boxing for Fitness Advanced Instructor
YMCA Fitness coach/instructor
Resistance Training
Circuit Training
CYQ - Advanced Exercise and Fitness
CYQ - Advanced Resistance Training
CYQ - Advanced Cardiovascular Training
CYQ - Training in Different Environments
CYQ - Nutrition and Weight Management
CYQ - Health/Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment
Emergency First Aid at Work
ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage
Watercoach Professional Level 1 Indoor Rowing