Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Harry (September 2013)
Keith (January 2013)
Debbie (December 2012)
John (September 2012)
Jane (November 2012)
Michelle (October 2011)
Trish (July 2011)
Kim (Feb 2011)
Natalie (Dec 2010)

HARRY "Having been involved in high level sports since childhood, I have been surrounded by several coaches, mentors and role-models for most of my life.  Jon is, without question, one of the most inspirational and influential who I have ever worked with.  When we first started working together my lifestyle in general was unhealthy.  I found myself demotivated at work and at home, I was lacking energy and emotionally my mood was very up and down.  
In the 3 months of us working together, I couldn't be any happier with the progress that we have achieved.  I am flying high at work, full of energy and enthusiasm and in general, I am loving life. I would recommend Jon to anyone who is willing to commit to him, take his advice on board and be dedicated to making changes, HE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  An added bonus is that I have lost 10 kilos in 3 months which has also seen me lose 5 inches off my waist.  My cardiovascular endurance is at an all-time high as is my strength and flexibility.  I am about to turn 32 next month and I can honestly say I have never felt better"

KEITH   Jon's classes are Beckenham's second best kept secret, after the Jolly Woodman, offering Pro- Sport quality training, with a good bunch of people, so very good fun. A great way to improve fitness, strength and flexibility, along with performance of other sporting pastimes. Best of all, Functionally Fit even offers it's clients a quarterly drinking session!
Another very enjoyable class today, thanks.

DEBBIE "I joined a gym in 2011 thinking it would encourage me to get fit and lose weight. However, I didn't push myself very hard and gave up going completely without any improvment to my fitness or weight. I went along to Jon's bootcamp in January 2012. Jon's classes have given me the motivation that I need. I feel less stressed. I have a lot more  energy, I sleep much better and feel more refreshed during the day. I have also lost 23 pounds in under 1 year. Jon has encouraged me to exercise whether it is raining or sunny, cold or hot, there is NO excuse. I have also met lots of really nice and interesting people from across the area. Jon's bootcamps are varied and he pushes each and every one of us to our limits! I recommend Jon to ANYONE who feels they need motivation at any level.
Thank you Jon.

JOHN If you’re serious about getting fit, maintaining your body shape or trying to lose some weight this is the class for you. Jon’s approach is methodical and well balanced to work all the different muscle groups. Every class is different, concentrating on body weight exercises, CV and stamina building. The ability levels of the group are mixed, but the emphasis is on the individual, you get out what you put in. Without doubt the best fitness class I’ve ever attended; highly recommended.

JANE   I was running through Beckenham Recreation ground when I spotted a group of people enjoying exercising outside. It looked such fun that I asked if I could join as I was training for the New York Marathon but was only doing running and very slow at that. After checking his insurance to make sure someone as old as me was covered I joined and have not looked back.
I have now run two New York marathons and the Berlin marathon improving on my time as I go and even beating my husband. Jon is a very professional coach with good medical knowledge and is very careful with all his clients. We do circuit training and sprinting which I have never done before.
He works us hard and tries to get us to set goals. I would recommend Jon's classes to anyone of any age!

MICHELLE "I've done classes, gym, workouts, but Jon's workout beats them all! Really enjoying your "bootcamp" and I',m working muscles I never knew existed!! Keep up the good work!!!" Michelle Quashie

TRISH "Since training with Jon over the past 3 months I have lost three inches from my waist and 2 and a half inches from my hips. My whole body tone is firmer and I feel very fit and healthy. Jon is a very knowledgeable trainer and explains each exercise (and its benefits) so I totally understand the process. Jon is extremely motivational and inspires me to do the best I can and get the most out of each session. I absolutely recommend Jon, he is by far the best personal trainer I have ever worked with.  Trish Gregory"

KIM  "I have spent many years trying to get fit and lose weight but with not much success! Functionally Fit is completely different to anything I have ever done before......I love it and it works. It doesn't matter what level you are at, Jon encourages you to set goals and push yourself to achieve. Each class is a combination of lots of hard work, humour, team spirit and is really invigorating. The classes have given me confidence, helped me to focus, get fitter and most importantly for me.....I am on my way to a smaller dress size this summer! Thank you Jon and all those those at Functionally Fit, Kim"

NATALIE   "I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me prepare for my wedding. I felt like a million dollars down to my new fitbod and I've dropped a dress size which thrills me no end. Can't wait to maintain the results for 2011."